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Weirdos of the world unit!!! Listen to past episodes, discover new murders and even a talk about zombies. And don’t forget cannibalism. But maybe don’t listen at work. .

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About Us

We are Jenn and Emi.
Your Resident Weirdos

Do you have secret conversations with your friends about weird shit? Don't lie, yes you do & we do,too!! We are your hosts who will guide you through everything weird..

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Reach an unusual demo with a great sense of humor and a love of all things different and unique. Ranging from adults in their 40’s to those awesome Millennials, making this THE place for your brand.

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Weirdly Popular

It's Basically a Humanitarian Project | Bizarre Bite #5

Fucking Florida! It’s an all Florida Bizarre Bite. We’re encouraged to find the humor in every situation, right? Well we’re so good at that we found it in the...

Episode 1 - Zombies Are Weird - Show Notes

Did you listen to the first episode of Weird Is the New Normal? We answered some serious questions including: Are zombies cannibals?  Why can’t zombies drive? and What if zombies...
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