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Weirdos of the world unit!!! Listen to past episodes, discover new murders and even a talk about zombies. And don’t forget cannibalism. But maybe don’t listen at work. .

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About Us

We are Jenn and Emi.
Your Resident Weirdos

Do you have secret conversations with your friends about weird shit? Don't lie, yes you do & we do,too!! We are your hosts who will guide you through everything weird..

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Reach an unusual demo with a great sense of humor and a love of all things different and unique. Ranging from adults in their 40’s to those awesome Millennials, making this THE place for your brand.

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When Good Scandinavians Go Bad | Episode 7
Show Notes

When Good Scandinavians Go Bad | Episode 7

Books, serial killers, and bitch old ladies make up the majority of the conversation. Jenn and Emi talk about some of the world’s most unique holidays and traditions.[podcast src=”” height=”360″…

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Show Notes, Weird People

Beastiality: Tale As Old As Time | Mini-Episode 1

Life is stranger than fiction. Emi tells the real life story that inspired Beauty and the Beast in our first ever mini-episode. [podcast src=”” height=”360″ width=”450″ placement=”bottom”]

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Weirdly Popular

You're Not Yourself When You're in Prison | Episode 9

“I’m wanted! Dead or alive!!” Bon Jovi knew  the American justice system was harsh and a little at odds with itself sometimes. Emi and Jenn tackle the idea of weird...

Of Monsters and Men | Episode 2 | Show Notes

Damn, nature you’re scary!! In this episode, Emi and Jenn talked about Bigfoot and the Montauk Monster. Creatures that may exist or may not and were definitely created by...
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