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Shopping for that special weirdo in your life? Unsure what to get them? We can help you out! Whether your sister is slightly obsessed with true crime or your roomie needs a new tin foil hat, we’ve got some gift ideas to spread some holiday cheer.

Weird Clothing

Love puns? Love Sherlock?


Weird Books

Ever have invasive thoughts run rampant through your head with no way to stop them? Read this book! It’s full of them and told in a hilariously charming way.

Weird Home Decor

Murder!! There’s a bloodstain pattern for any decorating scheme.

Weird Stuff For Your Pets

You know how much we love talking about Russia and Vladimir Putin.


Weird Tech Stuff

They finally made the penis look pretty!

Try and not make the lightsaber sounds while holding this.

Weird Holiday Stuff

Someone buy this for Emi!

For The Asshole In Your Life

No description necessary. If only they actually tasted like shit.