Giveaway and Product Review Policies


Weird is the New Normal Podcast and Jenn and Emi reserve the right to decline to review or giveaway any product regardless of any previous relationship with said company or sponsor. Though compensation and/or products may be received for reviews, advertisements, and/or giveaways, we believe in honesty and integrity and will always give honest and true opinion of a product or giveaway.  Any compensation or product that is received will not influence any advertisements, posts, reviews, or giveaways on this site.

Should Weird is the New Normal decline to review or giveaway your product, you will be notified in advance.  If the product is not something that Jenn and Emi can honestly endorse, write a positive review of, or otherwise promote, you will be notified prior to the review going live so that an agreement may be made on whether or not to post the review and/or giveaway.  Jenn and Emi not only wants to maintain readership trust, but does not want to cause any harm to the reputation of the company in question.

Giveaways may or may not be labeled as sponsored.

Giveaways and Reviews May Include: 

  • Links to sponsor’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Shop or Website
  • Photographs of the product or service in question (A request may be made for permission to use photographs from the website, or that photographs be emailed)
  • Logo’s or other identifying visual item
  • Promotion via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or other social networking sites

Giveaway Rules and Guidelines, unless otherwise stated

  • Giveaways are open to Canadian or US residents and/or Military Service Members and their families that have an APO/FPO address
  • Are open to individuals 18 years old or older.  All winners will be chosen at random using a program such as Rafflecopter, or other similar sites.  Taxes on winnings are solely the responsibility of the winner
  • Weird is the New Normal  reserves the right to terminate the giveaway at any time for any reason without warning
  • Odds of winning the giveaway will be dependent on the number of entries received
  • All Giveaways are meant for entertainment purposes only and are in no way a form of gambling
  • The timeframe for sponsors to mail or email the prize to the winner will be determined by the sponsor.  Weird is the New Normal is in no way liable or responsible should the sponsor fail to or decide not to fulfill the promised prize.  If a sponsor has failed to fulfill your winnings, please contact us so that an attempt to rectify the situation may be made.  That, however, may not be possible and is in no way a guarantee that a prize will be awarded.
  • All participates are expected to be truthful in their entries. Failure to be so, will result in disqualification from ALL subsequent giveaways. Fraudulent entries will also result in being permanently banned from subsequent giveaways.
  • Social media, email, or other accounts that are used for the sole purpose of entering giveaways will be disqualified as entries.  Such determination will be made by Jenn and Emi.  Entrants that are disqualified for this reason WILL NOT be notified.
  • Once a winner has been announced and initial contact has been made, the winner will have SEVEN days to respond.  Should the winner not respond within SEVEN days, another winner will be chosen at random.
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