Who We Are

Weird is the New Normal was founded in 2017 by Emi and Jenn, two bloggers who discovered they were kindred spirits. They met as fellow bloggers and freelance writers and quickly adored each other’s various publications. They soon discovered that they both harbored a truly secret love of true crime, and murder specifically. Which makes any “normie” a tad suspicious of them. Could they be serial killers? That’s a secret they will likely take to the grave.

Through messaging and Skype, they bonded over their abnormal knowledge of serial killers.  This discussion grew over time to include insane conspiracy theories, possibly ficticious animals, and medical oddities. Suddenly, they discovered a world where they weren’t hiding the screens of their phones in public or their laptops at home. No, they were now talking openly on a regular basis about all the things that make them weird and neurotic.

Both being rather snarky and with a dry sense of humor, these discussions were often punctuated with sarcasm and “*insert eye roll” comments. But none the less, weirdos lack community and they are the fucking weirdest.

Once the podcast idea was casually mentioned in passing by Jenn, they both felt that maybe they were on to something. There must be other utterly weird people in the world, right? And since they both find themselves and each other hilarious, the joke of a podcast began forming as a real possibility as a place to share their clandestine passion.

They aim to build a community of weirdos on social media in hopes that other closeted odd balls might find a place to feel at home, even if momentarily and while hiding in their closet to avoid explanation to their families.

Weird is the New Normal was born of a love of all things really bizarre and it is the sincere hope of both podcasters that they find others like them. Also, that none of them turn out to be serial killers who hunt them down in real life.


A Bit More About Jenn:

By day, Jenn is a writer, social media manager & marketer, and really good at faking domesticity. She writes a personal blog focused on her life experiences. She has been featured on BlogHer.com, SheKnows.com, and SpouseBuzz.com.
In her downtime, she loves to read (especially thrillers and mysteries), cook, and take naps.
She’s always considered herself weird. From an early age she had a strong interest in current events, especially crime reports. It wasn’t until she was ten or so that she realized a serial killer was not someone who killed breakfast cereal makers. Her fascination for the weird goes beyond crime to include natural phenomena, paranormal stories, and just completely random and weird stories.
Jenn and her family currently live in the Des Moines, IA area and she’s looking forward to finding all the weird the area has to offer. She has previously lived on Long Island, in southern New Jersey, and Philadelphia. She’s hoping her brash, East Coast mannerisms and liberal use of the word “fuck” don’t put off her new neighbors.

A Bit More about Emi:

Emi is a self-proclaimed highly functioning sociopath and the worlds only “semi-professional blogger,” having coined the term to describe herself.

She has written for a variety of sites as a military spouse blogger, as well as having a few incarnations of her own personal blog.

Most recently, her blog has centered around a humorous outlook at having a rare autoimmune disorder after waking up suddenly unable to walk in 2013. she has been housebound and disabled ever since. Luckily for the world, she doesn’t let this slow her snarky attitude or profanity laden social media posts. Most notably, she has a weekly profanity fest called C-Word Sunday, during which she only shares memes and posts with the word “cunt” in them after discovering her love of saying the word.

Previously a vet tech, she brings her unusual knowledge of animals and love of random facts to the table when discussing true crime, conspiracy theories and general snark. What she lacks in a filter is made up for by her equal love of sharing what she knows with kindred spirits. She loves serial killer trivia, conspiracy theories, and unexplainable natural phenomena among other things and shoots straight from the hip with her honest, but lovable view of the world.

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